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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 12:21:00 PM

Class Notes: 04/13/20

Spring, 2020. This semester has been great. It is sad to say that is almost over. Even though the school was prompted to close its commuter classes due to COVID-19. Dr. Ebrahimi has had a quick and effective response through online classes. For more information about online classes and COVID-19 at SUNY Old Westbury, visit SUNY Old Westbury Resources

Class Notes: 5/14/19

Cheers to another great semester with Dr. Ebrahimi! Hope everyone in the class will utilize the tools we've learned going forward in their careers! Have a great summer!

- Raza M. (Webmaster - Spring 2019)


Class Notes: 12/18/18

Heeeeeellllllllooooooo!!!! Today is the last day of class. We have learned a lot of stuff including webhosting, HTML, Java Script,CGI, and C++. 

We can use this information for our future careers and ask for more $$$$$$.

- Miguel Q. 


Class Notes: 10/23/18

We are currently reviewing this websites for errors.


Class Notes: 11/8/12

Students expressing their feelings about hurricane Sandy, nor’ easter, they have no power, or no gas.

Professor wants to do two more things to do to end the semester:

  1. Javascript- we’ll talk about it next class
  2. How to do programming on the database/server using CGI

Client programming using javascript: 2 weeks we will talk about javascripts and 2 weeks about CGI using C++ or ASP and Java.

We are extending module 5 to Saturday November 10th. Any concerns or comments, contact the professor.

Module 6- Javascript

Module 7- CGI


Angel is not working so we can’t look at module 5.

Professor believes that there should be full tolerance.


For final webpage, there should 7 X 2 compliance, there should be several layers, add a search box, webhosting.

The second part of the final is web error analysis of the colleges and businesses with the same format of Dr. Ebrahimi paper.

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